6 Body Care must haves in your closet

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6 Body Care MUST HAVES in Your Closet

Do you really love yourBody? The question remains to be answered.

Lifestyles have changed and so have we. Instead of managing the trend, we have accustomed ourselves to it.

The nature of our day to day chores has become sedentary and dull. Long days at work and trying to meet constant commitments, essentially require us to spend some time for ourselves but are we mindful?

Never, it was a hidden fact that a happy and a healthy body leads to a happy mind. Our personality is a reflection of how well we are perceived. Feeling and looking good is paramount. More so as it leads to that feel-good facet. The confidence improves and our personality develops.

Nothing like a bit of passion towards your body, for it promotes, be in disguise, an all-round wellness. Not that people don’t identify the truth, the recent figures for body and skin care market are quite promising which signifies that. In fact, the market is expected to grow at a greater pace in the next few years.

Natural productshave understandably taken precedence and hold a widespread usage in the recent times. Younger population likes to be aware of the drift and want to define how well they can take care of their bodies.

Fulfilling the needs of all age groups and skin types, body care products are available in various forms and cover a wide range but there are a few that you simply can’t afford to leave out.

Time to understand that day to day grooming is now a part of keeping yourself healthy and not just beautiful.


We take a look at an attractive infographic below to help figure out what is essential and should be there in your vanity at all times.

Body Makeup Is Summer’s Secret Weapon for Skin-Baring Fashion Perfection

Summer 2016 promises to sizzle as one of fashion’s most beat-the-heat skin-baring seasons ever.

According to fashion and style authority PopSugar, top trends for S16 include bare and peek-a-boo shoulders  as focal point; daring daytime lingerie-inspired looks boasting plunging necklines and spaghetti-straps; and flirty wrap skirts that perpetually suggest there may be a frisky wardrobe malfunction at any moment.

That’s a lot of skin!  What if you’re ready for summer dressing but your light-medium tone skin isn’t?  What if you have a scar on your shoulder, or a blemish on your chest?  It’s hard to get excited about cute wrap skirt options when you have an unsightly spider vein cluster on your leg.

The solution? Body makeup. Professional makeup artist Ida Roseman created All-Body skin perfecter as her a secret weapon for fashion shoot models and red carpet celebrities with the same problem areas. According to Ida, makeup for the body is going to be a huge trend. Look for one that dries quickly, doesn't smudge and is “transfer resistant” like All-Body.

GET THE LOOK - IDA’S FLAWLESS HOW-TOShake a body makeup like Ida’s All-Body well to mix the ingredients.  Spray it over the desired area. Then, use your hand or a cosmetic sponge to apply it evenly.  For best results, apply your moisturizer or sunscreen beforehand.  For more coverage, just layer!

Then watch your tune change from It’s A Cruel Summer to Oh Those Summer Nights! 

How To Create A Classic Brow For Your 2016 Wedding Day Bridal Makeup

We know that captivating, not cringe-worthy, is the beauty goal of every bride planning her big reveal as she takes her walk down the isle. 

So we’re sharing our favorite wedding day makeup check list -  Marie Claire magazine’s clip and save tip sheet “Bridal Make-Up Tips: The 10 Dos And Don'ts You NEED To Pay Attention To.”  Their experts warn not to go for anything too trendy, because you will have to live with the photos for the rest of your life!  The solution? Go classic.

Bridal bible The Knot concurs, reporting that of the top eight trends from New York Bridal Week for wedding prep 2016, iconic bold brows, first made big by classic beauties Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, are making a comeback because of their staying power.

Pro makeup artist and All-Body skin perfecter creator Ida Roseman advises remembering that the focus of this look is your brows, so keep the rest of your makeup natural.

GET THE LOOK - IDA’S FLAWLESS HOW-TO: To achieve a bold look, make sure your brows are well groomed and shaped. Fill in your brows with a pencil or powder. To avoid too heavy or too light of a brow, use one to two shades lighter for dark hair and one to two shades darker for lighter hair. By doing this, your brows will frame and balance the entire face. After filling in the brows, set them with a translucent powder and follow with a clear brow gel to separate and give dimension to the brows. If you want more glam, just add some single false lashes or a bold red lip.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! 

How To Apply Prom 2016’s Hottest Makeup Trend: Metallic Eyeshadow

Sparkly, silvery metallic is a major fashion trend for spring and prom 2016. We love Vogue.com’s description of the look as “less look at me than gold.”

If the trend is too much of a commitment as your dress choice, an easy way to incorporate it is as a statement detail in your eye makeup. Pro makeup artist and All-Body skin perfecter by BodyPerfect Cosmetics creator Ida Roseman suggests, "Use metallic eye shadow to complement your overall prom look, or to create a dramatic focal point."

In fact, prom fashion authority Seventeen.com says metallic lids will be one of the top seven hottest makeup trends at Prom 2016!

GET THE LOOK - IDA’S FLAWLESS HOW-TO:  Pick a metallic shadow that works with your eye color and dress. Apply the shadow onto the entire lid. If you want a more dramatic look,  apply the shadow to your bottom lash line. Keep the rest of your makeup (cheek and lip color) in nude tones to keep this look fresh, young and elegant. Remember, the focus of this look is your eyes!

Happy Prom! 




Hot For Spring 2016: How To Pull Off Red Eyeshadow

Pro makeup artist and BodyPerfect Cosmetics co-founder Ida Roseman offers this easy #TuesdayTip for a flawless, perfect application of Spring 2016's hottest new trend - red, yes, red eyeshadow! Here's how to get the look: 

Apply red shadow on the lid and blend it out. To add depth, place a medium brown shadow in the crease and blend as well. This will keep the look classic and on trend at the same time. 

Now that you're armed with the transformation how to, go ahead and give it a try! 


Meet Perfection

"No one is born perfect, but there is a solution for every imperfection." - Ida Roseman

Searching for that perfect, natural, flawless, sun-kissed look? Look no further.

BodyPerfect Cosmetics was created by fashion industry's leading makeup artist, Ida Roseman. Developed for and tested on top lingerie and swimsuit models while on film sets, photo shoots, and on location.

The concept? To deliver instant results for a perfect, flawless look.

While working on lingerie and swimsuit models Ida found it challenging to find a product that worked well on the different types skin tones and imperfections she came across. The solution - was to create her own proprietary blend of body makeup to cover up blemishes and even out discoloration. After receiving much praise from Creative Directors and Photographers, Ida decided to make this product available to all women around the globe at an affordable price.