Meet Perfection

"No one is born perfect, but there is a solution for every imperfection." - Ida Roseman

Searching for that perfect, natural, flawless, sun-kissed look? Look no further.

BodyPerfect Cosmetics was created by fashion industry's leading makeup artist, Ida Roseman. Developed for and tested on top lingerie and swimsuit models while on film sets, photo shoots, and on location.

The concept? To deliver instant results for a perfect, flawless look.

While working on lingerie and swimsuit models Ida found it challenging to find a product that worked well on the different types skin tones and imperfections she came across. The solution - was to create her own proprietary blend of body makeup to cover up blemishes and even out discoloration. After receiving much praise from Creative Directors and Photographers, Ida decided to make this product available to all women around the globe at an affordable price.