Body Makeup Is Summer’s Secret Weapon for Skin-Baring Fashion Perfection

Summer 2016 promises to sizzle as one of fashion’s most beat-the-heat skin-baring seasons ever.

According to fashion and style authority PopSugar, top trends for S16 include bare and peek-a-boo shoulders  as focal point; daring daytime lingerie-inspired looks boasting plunging necklines and spaghetti-straps; and flirty wrap skirts that perpetually suggest there may be a frisky wardrobe malfunction at any moment.

That’s a lot of skin!  What if you’re ready for summer dressing but your light-medium tone skin isn’t?  What if you have a scar on your shoulder, or a blemish on your chest?  It’s hard to get excited about cute wrap skirt options when you have an unsightly spider vein cluster on your leg.

The solution? Body makeup. Professional makeup artist Ida Roseman created All-Body skin perfecter as her a secret weapon for fashion shoot models and red carpet celebrities with the same problem areas. According to Ida, makeup for the body is going to be a huge trend. Look for one that dries quickly, doesn't smudge and is “transfer resistant” like All-Body.

GET THE LOOK - IDA’S FLAWLESS HOW-TOShake a body makeup like Ida’s All-Body well to mix the ingredients.  Spray it over the desired area. Then, use your hand or a cosmetic sponge to apply it evenly.  For best results, apply your moisturizer or sunscreen beforehand.  For more coverage, just layer!

Then watch your tune change from It’s A Cruel Summer to Oh Those Summer Nights!